DIY Essential Oils

If you’re anything like me, you’ve amassed quite a collection of essential oils, but have no idea how to use most of them beyond the occasional sniff to get a quick energy boost or sleep better. Then I would like to suggest you read on for 6 ways to make the most of these powerful oils.

1. When summer arrives, we must use air conditioning. Every time you wash the air conditioner, remember to drop a few drops of citrus essential oil on the air grid or help the air fresh. We recommend bergamot oil or Fra'vita Greenwood to help kill the virus inside the air conditioning duct, and will make the whole space fresher. 

2. After each exercise, you will find a sweaty smell in the sneakers, but one wash every time you exercise, then you can put a cotton ball into the shoes, and drop a few drops of tea tree or especially Gary oil will make you lazy many times.

3. Some girls often apply nail polish on their toenails, but it is very difficult to remove them every time. You can try to drip a drop of tea tree oil on it and wipe it hard, quickly becoming hurry and preventing fungal infections.

4. If you want your dishes to look more rush and have a fresher scent, try a few drops of essential oil in the detergent.

5. When you get up in the morning, add a drop of lavender essential oil to your shaving cream to give you a more soothing and pleasant scent experience. At the same time, the razor also scratches the skin and protects against infection.

6. Drop a drop of your favorite essential oil on the cotton ball (I use bergamot), then add it to your vacuum cleaner bag or collection cup and smell a fresh smell every time you vacuum.

These 6 ways are very interesting and useful. Essential oils bring us a new way of life, many friends hope that we can introduce more interesting usage methods. I hope you will try them one by one and leave us a message. 

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