Let The Mind Immersed In The Peace

Just Sit Back & Read A Book, Let The Mind Immersed In The Peace...

I love this portable diffuser. The presentation in the velvet bag had my attention; then when I took it out, I loved how well it was made for the cost. I put four drops of Young Living Harmony oil on the pad and WOW the room smelled amazing! You get a great aroma on cute style. Turn it on just by pressing a button, and the aroma is super potent!

handy aroma diffuser

I often read in bed with my cat, Lucy after work at night. At this point, a little bit of my favorite lavender, the whole body and mind will be relaxed. It doesn't spread much so that it won't affect Lucy. But it's enough to cover my side. Now I need to open it every day and enjoy the wonderful night with Lucy.

Thank-You for putting together a very nice product! Fra'vita!

handy aroma diffuser

Sweet & herbaceous-floral scent, promotes calm, relaxation, and being a nervous tension reliever.




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