Stay Focused While Driving

Portabel Aroma Diffuser


Handy Aroma is the best little diffuser! I have been diffusing Fra'vita essential oils for over 20 years and have used many, many, diffusers. I usually am not a fan of the ones with 'pads,' but this little one is the best mini-diffuser I've used. It's perfect for the car and comes with a lanyard, a small carrying bag, and the batteries. 

aroma diffuser

I place it on a cup holder or center console, add a touch of peppermint essential oil and press gently. The car was instantly filled with the scent of essential oils that kept me focused while driving, while the smell of peppermint made me feel good. It is the best car aromatherapy machine I've ever used. At the same time, its fashionable and delicate appearance surprised my friends. 


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