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You need to notice your mental state and stress level. As new parents, we face a common challenge of anxiety and depression, especially in the earlier stage of parenthood. It is our own responsibility to make sure we relax, detox (mentally), and get some 'me time' from time to time. Natural aroma-induced relaxation would be worth a try...

Nebulizing Diffuser


A must-have diffuser for any aromatherapy enthusiasts and an artisan craft to add to your home decor. This premium nebulizer is made small, improved efficiency, and is much easier to use and maintain. Switching between essential oils is as easy as swap-and-play. Try your lavender blend while you rest, which helps ease your stress.

Retail Price: US$79.85


Nebulizing Diffuser with HQ Speaker


Has the same functions and advantages as the AROFRAME but additionally has a high-quality BlueTooth speaker and a shimmering zodiac decor light on the front. We often hear from our parent community that it is an excellent device during their Yoga and stretch session, playing their favorite music and aroma simultaneously.

Retail Price: US$89.99


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