FRAVITA Motion Activated Nursery Night Light

Color: White
Take It or Mount It Design
Find the perfect spot to wall-mount this light, with 360º tilt angle, it makes sure you are well lit in your favourite spot! Or simply detach it from the magnetic base and carry it around at night.
Eye-Friendly 2800K Warm Light
Using warm light or blue-light free lighting is essential late at night. Waking up to baby cries should not disrupt your baby’s melatonin level and messes with good sleeping patterns.
120º Wide Motion & Light Sensory
The light senses whenever you are here to check, change, or feed your little one. The light will be automatically ready for you wherever you need it.
90 Days Standby Time
With a built-in 1200 mAh battery and energy-saving module, the light could standby up to 90 days under ‘auto’ mode. No frequent charging, and it will be ready whenever you need it.

Size & Weight


Product Dimnesion:

Width 3.3 x Height 2.1 inches 


4.2 oz

Power Supply & Consumption







Lithium Battery

Battery Capacity:


Charging Time:

4 Hours

Battery Duration:

Average of 90 Days on Auto Mode

Lumi EOUS Flux:

35lm 2800K

How to Power On/Off the Device
1) Always-on: turn the switch at the back of the light to the ‘Left’ (On) .
2) Auto responsive: turn the switch at the back of the light to the ‘Right’ to automatically responsive to the moment at dark and lights up.
3) Turn off: turn the switch back to the middle.


How to Charge the Device
1) Make sure the light is turned off;
2) Plug the provided charging cable to charge the light;
3) Do not use high power USB adaptor with voltage higher than DC 5v.


1) Do not disassemble, repair, or modify this product without authorization.
2) The nightlight MUST be used with the provided charging cable.
3) Keep the nightlight away from water, fire, and hot area.
4) Suggest charging the Nightlight every month to ensure normal use.
5) Don't use it alone with children. For additional information, please refer to the user manual provided.