FRAVITA Nebula LED Projector Night Light

A Choice of Stars, Nebula…Or Both!
Precision glass optics and patented holographic technology create an unmatched visual experience of projecting a realistic view of nebular, with an option to also unlock the feature of starring effect, powered by direct 
Animated Ambient – Magical Sleep Soother
Powered by three micro-motors, the holograph moves like real nebula being seen thru the astronomic scope. The dreamy scene would be the best before bed, remembering how we use to fall asleep looking up to the starry night sky.
Fully Customizable – The Color, Movement & Schedule
The projector is customizable in appearance of stars, color and movement, also set schedules. This will be your first ‘private space’ for yourself and the kid.
Smart Integrated Projector Night Light
You can access the projector night light thru your ‘Smart Life’ APP, with all the customizable options. Also, smart home integrated, binding with your scenarios or schedule of preferences.