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FRAVITA Sound Machine Collection

We encourage simplicity. We want our nursery or bedroom to be spacious, clean, and cable-free. Our sound machine collection promotes battery-powered devices but long-lasting, compact but play top-notch sounds, simple but easy to use. Here, we recommend the two sound machines nominated by our FRAVITA parents community:

White Noise Sound Machine

How about a sound machine that is convenient, compact, and cable-free? This gadget's Hi-Fi quality has six soothing soundtracks to soothe you and your baby's sleep at night. Has a built-in rechargeable battery, so you can put it anywhere you want. In addition, it has a mini night light to help you find it is during nighttime for easier access.

Retail Price: US$29.98


Baby Shusher Sound Machine

Helps calm your upset, crying baby; the 'Shhhhh' sound will be played when it hears your baby cry in its 'auto mode.' Unique cat purring sound, along with heartbeat, lullaby, Waterflow, ocean wave, rain, and the classic white noise, are tracks you can try. Runs on a built-in rechargeable battery make it perfect when going out with your little one.

Retail Price: US$59.86


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