Adaptive Bumper Guard - 13ft with 4 Corner Bumper

Color: Black
Safe & Fine Raw NBR Material
NBR raw material with SGS tested, Toxic free, odor-free, SCCP free, phthalates-free, and fire-retardant. This edge guard and corner guard product is independently tested and contains no BPA, no phthalates, no heavy metals, no latex, no SCCPs. Inherently flame-resistant; passed flammability tests.
Why Adaptive Bumper & Guard?
Being adaptive is given by the nature being able to fold-to-fit any edges and corners. Highly recommended if your home has various types of furniture (e.g. glass, wooden furniture, and stands…etc.), and need to neutralize them all from bumping hazards. 
Easy & Flexible DIY Installation
The Type A edge and corner guard is suitable for any edgy table and furniture, home staircase, corners, stands, poles...etc. Cut with scissors and fold to fit your furniture.

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