Cordless Power Scrubber

$47.85 $65.50

Once you have charged up this powerful spin scrubber, all you have to do is hold the scrubber's brush of choice onto the place that needs cleaning and then let the tool do the work for you. The speed on this handy cleaning beast, which can help you reach hard to get to places, is quite simply incredible. No matter how tough your bathtub stains think they are, this no-nonsense scrubber will soon have them packing their bags and clearing out. 

Key Features:

  • Strong and High Torque Scrubber for Stubborn Stains
  • Water Splash Proof - The Must-Have for Wet Cleaning Scenarios
  • Bristles made just right - no worries in destroying surface you need to clean.
  • Adjustable Handle & Brush for Multiple Cleaning Scenarios
  • Holds Excellent Charge & Efficient Fast Charging