FRAVITA Babycare: Baby Night Light + Bodysuit

$44.39 $55.49
Color: pitaya fruit dye color
FRAVITA Baby Night Light
Enclosure made with soft silicone and ABS materials, BPA-free and flicker-free, best for night feeding and diaper changing. It is bright enough for night nursing, and dim enough that can ease the baby's tension and let them feel safe.
World’s Easiest Baby Night Light
Flip over to enter sleep mode - no sketchy buttons
With just a simple press - adjust both brightness & colour tone.
Non-Stimulating Warm Light - Infant Eye Friendly
Sunset warm light - perfect for nighttime baby care
Soothe baby throughout the night on dim brightness.
nightlight for baby sleep
Natural Fruit Dyed Fabric –
FRAVITA baby apparels use fabrics dyed with natural fruits, avoiding synthetic dyes harmful to the environment. Fruit dyed colour would feel more authentic than synthetic dyes. Naturally-dyed fabrics are safe for newborns, with zero worries about chemicals. Currently, we offer two fruit variants – Pitaya and Coconut.
100% Cotton Comfort –
Infant Skin Friendly
Ultra-cosy baby bodysuit for babies is made entirely of cotton for sleep-inducing smoothness. The thin and breathable layer is best for summer use, not to worry, heat rashes on an infant's skin.

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