FRAVITA Child Proof Safety Strap Lock

Simple but Effective and Sturdy
The adjustable safety strap locks by FRAVITA are the ideal and straightforward way to keep chemicals, cutlery, and other harmful household objects out of reach even if you are not in the same room all the time.
Adjustable Strap Locks
It dramatically helps when installing the safety latches on different household items and appliances. The adjustability allows you to make sure all straps hold well and tight on items of different sizes and shapes.
Multi-Purpose Latches with Wide Range of Usage
Our Strap Locks will keep even the most stubborn baby out of your cabinets, drawers, oven, fridge, wash machine, closet, waste bin, etc. can be used on any surface.
Easy & Quicks to Install
The adjustable strap locks are simple & quick to install, and it can take up to a minute to childproof your appliances, Made with strong adhesive to last!