FRAVITA Econo Baby Child Proofing and Safety Kit for Kitchen

Child Proof Your Stove Knobs
The transparent stove knob covers help protect a curious child from playing with the stove knob. A hinged lid allows for easy adult access, and the transparent knobs allow visual of the knob to sure turned off. This kit includes two-knob covers.
Child Proof Your Drawers and Kitchen Appliances
Prevent your child from accessing hazardous objects in kitchen drawers and prevent making a mess when playing with kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, oven etc. In this kit, you shall get two-strap latches.
CChild Proof Your Kitchen Cabinets
Stop your child from accessing chemicals, sharp objects, and other fragile items easily using this cabinet lock. In this kit, you will get two cabinet locks designated for two low-reachable cupboard and cabinets.
Child Proof Your Electric Sockets
The kit comes with three complementary US socket cover, allow you to reduce the electric hazard from floor level sockets. If you need more of these socket covers, you can find them in our care collection.

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