FRAVITA Smart Baby Soother Sound Machine and Night Light

3-in-1 Smart Baby Soother, Sound Machine, and Night Light A warm, eye-friendly, soothing night light is not it. This is also a sound machine that features real human 'Shhhh' to calm a crying baby. Comes with seven extra sounds - cat purring, heartbeat, lullaby, water flow, ocean wave, rain, and white noise.
Color: Orange

Size & Weight
Product Dimnesion: 170*126mm
Weight: 950g

Power Supply & Consumption

Power: 3W
Input: DC 3.7V
Battery: Lithium Battery Powered
Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
Charging Time: Around 2.5 Hours
Average Operation Time: Around 10 Hours per full charge
Lumi EOUS Flux: 25lm at 2800
Speaker: 29mm Diameter 8 Ω

How to Power On/Off the Device
1) Switch the power switch to ‘on’ at the bottom of the soother to turn on
2) Switch the power switch to ‘off’ at the bottom of the soother to turn on

How to Turn On/Off the Sound Sensor Mode (Starts Playing Soundtrack Whenever Noise is Heard)

1) Press the mic button to turn on the sound sensor mode
2) Sensor will hear noises and play currently selected track
3) Press the mic button again to turn off the sound sensor mode

How to Turn the Light On/Off on the Device
1) Tap light panel when the device is turned on to turn on the light
2) Tap light panel again when the light is lit to turn off the light

How to Change the Volume

1) Press the '+' button to turn up the volume
2) Press the '-' button to turn down the volume

How to Change the Soundtrack

1) Press the track button to change the soundtrack
2) Keep pressing the track button to loop between tracks

How to Set Countdown Timer
1) Press the timer button to set the timer
2) Press the timer button repeatedly to loop till the LED light stops at your designated count downtime '15, 30 or 60.'


1) Do not disassemble, repair, or modify this product without authorization.
2) The product must be used with the provided charging cable.
3) Keep the product away from water, fire, and hot area.
4) Suggest charging the product every week to maintain battery life. 5) Don't use it alone with children.

Ratings and Reviews

Smart Auto Turn On / Off

Detects cries and the soother will be turned on automatically to calm your baby. You can also set the timer to the soother, and it will turn off automatically in 15 / 30 / 60 minutes.

Portable and Perfect for On-the-Go

This portable, internal battery-powered gadget, is a lifesaver when the baby is away from home, but needs to get some good sleep. Also comes with a lovely strap to be hooked anywhere you need it.

ABS Enclosure - Prevent Breaking from Dropping

Rugged protection design - wrapped and protected by ABS enclosure. Convenient on-the-go or taken on to a stroller, this soother is designed to endure drop-down shock in case your baby drops it to the ground.