FRAVITA Travel UV Sterilizer and Sanitizer Box

Eliminates 99% Germs & Microbials in 59 Seconds
UV light is a science-backed and proven technology that kills germs by breaking down their DNA at the molecular level. UV light is routinely used by hospitals to decontaminate surgical equipment and operating rooms. The Mini Sterilizer employs the same UV light to neutralize germs safely and quickly from the surfaces of toys, plush, mobile phones and other items. It has been tested by an independent lab for guaranteed results.
Safety Switch-Off
The sterilizer box is designed to prevent the parents or children from exposing to UV light. The UV-C light will be immediately switched off if the lid is opened and turns back on once shut.
Designed for Travel - Practical On-the-Go Sterilizer
You can access the projector night light thru your ‘Smart Life’ APP, with all the customizable options. Also, smart home integrated, binding with your scenarios or schedule of preferences.
Two Power Options - Wired & Wireless
The sterilizer box can be powered by USB cable or by 3 AAA batteries. Flexible during travel and no out-of-power problem.