Fravita Zodiac Diffuser

FRA’VITA ZODIAC is a nebulizing diffuser design for home decor, it has 29 light dots shimmering the 12 zodiacs on its surface. This elegant nebulizer made small, improved potency, easy to operate, and comes with a built-in high-quality Bluetooth speaker.
Color: Black

Ratings and Reviews

Aroma Powerhouse Made Small

Size of a photo frame - potent aroma covers up to 600ft2
Operates wirelessly up to 16 hrs - put it wherever at home

Changing Aroma Oil Made Fun & Easy

Can change oil effortlessly without cleaning
Designed to deliver a plug-&-diffuse experience

High-Fidelity & Flawless Nebulising Technology

Efficient diffusion without heating or adding water
New supersonic vibration atomization technology

Built-in HQ Bluetooth Speaker

Shimmers 12 Zodiacs or select your Zodiac to light
Elegant & simple design to fit ideally to your home decor