Smart Floor Cleaner

$199.88 $248.85
Hard Floor Cleaning & Polishing
is Now Easier than Ever!
The CleanHome® Smart Floor Cleaner is a revolutionary, all-in-one multi-surface hard floor cleaner, does a fantastic job washing & polishing hard flooring.

The Smart Floor Cleaner is safe for all types of hard flooring. Also, the Auto Self-Cleaning Mechanism cleans the mop without washing manually. The mop will always be at its cleanest state when you do cleaning & polishing.
Daily Floor Cleaning Made Easy
Dual-Motors Mop Head
Rotates up to 200RPM cleans efficiently requiring minimal effort. Also, the 'One-button' feature spray water or diluted solution while you mop makes mopping convenient and practical.
Effective Self-Cleaning Mechanism
Compact & Easy to Wash Mop Bucket
The Smart Mop Bucket does the job for you cleaning the mop cloth, making sure you mop your home with the cleanest mop pad always. On the other hand, the compact mop bucket does not take up too much space, and it is effortless to wash and maintain.
Design to Clean & Care
All Hard Flooring Types Friendly
Friendly with any hard surface - ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate, hardwood, tile, marble, etc. Smart Floor Cleaner's premium mop pads are effective, and also safe for cleaning & polishing your home flooring.
2-in-1 Mopping & Polishing Function
  Easily Switchable & Replaceable Smart Cleaner Pad
Switch cleaning & polishing mop pad for designated floor care objective. Replace any worn-out mop pad easily without the troubles.

360° Cleaning Angles
Penetrates Deep into Gaps (>8cm)
Mob head rotates 360° with ease, reaching all wherever need cleaning. Tackle gaps as narrow as 8cm height, leaving no gaps dirty.


Detachable Modular Mop Stick
Easy to Store

Can be dissembled easily and stored without being taking too many spaces;The parts are durable & maintenance-friendly.