Better Light Source for Night Time Nappy Change

Diaper change at night is regular if your baby has diaper rash or often soil their diapers around nighttime. However, many new parents use stimulative lighting in the bedroom and make it harder for you and your baby to go back to sleep. So the question comes to, what are the best natural and warm light sources we can use in the bedroom or nursery, which makes everything easier for new parents? And yes, we do. The challenge is how to get the job done without waking anybody, you to be a sneaky night cat.

A New Baby Essential to Add to the Registry

What defines good lighting for a nighttime diaper change?

Quite often, we think baby nightlight is designed for baby, but as a matter of fact, a good night light for nighttime diaper change should also be easy for parents to use. We have concluded the three essential factors that define an excellent baby feeding night light is – 1) Natural, 2) Convenient, and 3) Silence.

Why recommend the Fravita Night Light?

Infant eye-friendly warm-dim light. Lights up gradually, no disruption to baby and partner’s sleep when using this light.

Flip to turn on and off. A simple press and hold to adjust both brightness and light temperature. There is a vast range of dim-warm to bright-white (to use as a torch) as you desire.

No clicking sounds, absolute quiet when using this light at night. No worries about waking up your partner or when your little one is asleep.

How to use Fravita Night Light for Night Time Diaper Change

Make sure the light is already on. Put next to your pillow, bedside table, or on your baby's bedside co-sleeper bassinet, or wherever convenient in its upside-down position. The setup allows you to reach the light within seconds during a nighttime diaper change. We highly recommend putting the Fravita Night bottom Light left or right to your baby while changing.

You can adjust the brightness and color of the light by the press and hold the soft surface. It goes from a very dim warm yellow to a very bright white, and you can set it to your preference anywhere in between the range. When the light is on, flipping it up-side-down will put it in sleep mode, and flipping it back up will have the light back on. The light is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery and charges using a USB Type-C cable.

Nightlight - FRAVITA Handy Night Light -

What’s in the Box?

Size & Weight
· Body Size: Width 3.3 x Height 2.1 inches
· Weight: 4.2 oz

Power Supply & Consumption
· Power: 1W | Input: 5V==800mA
· Battery: Lithium-Ion | Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
· Charging Time: About 2.5 Hours
· Battery Duration: 3H – 100H (Dimmest – Brightest)
· Lumi EOUS Flux: 35lm at 4500K – 7lm at 2700K

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