FRAVITA Night Light Editoral Reviews

Really Really Helpful

"I used the crap out of those little lights, they were really really helpful. I feel like I got a lot of use out of them, especially for nighttime diaper change."

See Kristi's original review video here: @RawBeautyKristi

So Convenient for Night Feeds

"...just so convenient for night feeds, like you just flip it back and forth (turn it on/off). You can also like hold it down to increase or decrease the light..."

See Ashley's original review video here: @embersash

You're sleeping over rather than having a light on

"I am going to bring this to the hospital because is nice to have a softer light in the middle of the night when your baby is crying, and when you're sleeping over rather than having a light (hospital light) on."

See Amber's original review video here: @ambrlopes

To All FRAVITA Parents Worldwide...

Thank You All Very Much!

We look forward to serving and helping more new parents in the years to come!

"Night time parenting is easier than ever!"

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Nightlight - FRAVITA Handy Night Light -


FRAVITA Handy Night Light

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