Important terms to acknowledge before applying for distributor:

Fravita Reseller Program is a Global Distributor Program designed to offer our products in large quantities to resellers and distributors.

  • As a Fravita product reseller, you are restricted from selling on 3rd party marketplaces listed below:
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Etsy
    • Wish
    • Newegg
    • Walmart Online
    • Mayfair
    • Shopee
    • AliExpress (or any Alibaba operated marketplaces)
  • You must follow our MAP* (Minimum Advertised Price) policy
  • All wholesale orders must be in case quantities; there are no exceptions
  • Order processing can take up to 25-30 business days during high seasonal volume
  • We do not offer private/white label programs
  • We do not provide territorial exclusivity

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