• Stay Focused While Driving

    Stay Focused While Driving

      Handy Aroma is the best little diffuser! I have been diffusing Fra'vita essential oils for over 20 years and have used many, many, diffusers. I usually am not a fan of the ones with 'pads,' but this little one is the best mini-diffuser I've used. It's perfect for the car and comes with a lanyard, a small carrying bag, and the batteries.  I...
  • Emotional Change

    Emotional Change

    The most popular essential oils in the following five essential oils, even if you are new to aromatherapy, the combination of these five essential oils is simple, fun, and reasonably priced, allowing you to enter the wonderful world of aromatherapy.   When you inhale an aroma, its scent molecules—the VOCs discussed earlier—enter your nose, where they remain in a part of the nasal lining...
  • Let The Mind Immersed In The Peace

    Let The Mind Immersed In The Peace

    Just Sit Back & Read A Book, Let The Mind Immersed In The Peace... I love this portable diffuser. The presentation in the velvet bag had my attention; then when I took it out, I loved how well it was made for the cost. I put four drops of Young Living Harmony oil on the pad and WOW the room smelled amazing! You get a...
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