We're about helping you Living an easier & healthier lifestyle, holistically.

Who we are

Jackie Fravita is the founder and CEO of FRAVITA. This lifestyle product company focuses on modern living based in Hong Kong, and Dongguan, China.

How we developed

FRAVITA's first product launch was a handy aroma diffuser for 100% natural essential oil users. Over the course of years, leveraging new modern technology, the quality and range of diffusers expand along with the FRAVITA company's growth. Over the past two years, FRAVITA has over 15,000+ supporting customers worldwide. The company sets to introduce more top-range diffusers and other remarkable lifestyle products for modern living.

Why we started

The idea came to Jackie Fravita back in 2012 that our founder was keen to build a brand promoting healthier living fusing modern & natural elements. Through 6 years of research and preparation, Jackie Fravita has found sources of top quality lifestyle products and found other founding members, and started FRAVITA in 2018.

Where we are going

What does it mean to be FRA'VITA?

It means living with holistic wellbeing in mind every day; wellness, simplicity, joyfulness, and development.

We want to offer solutions to becoming the healthier version of yourself, so you have a better living experience and those you love. Having everybody and the world in their better state is the ultimate motive of FRA'VITA, and believe that all people share the same. 

When you live with these values in mind, you introduce your best self to the world, and big things happen.