Our Mission




FRAVITA is one of the brand of Shenzhen Aimuyingsite Technology Co., Ltd.  And we're all about helping parents living an simpler & healthier lifestyle with their babies, partner and family.

Our Vision

Healthier Parenting by Making Things Easier & Simpler

Our vision is a simple one — a store to bring health and simplicity to the bumpy road of parenthood. And to know that everything we offer has been tirelessly researching, experienced, and validated to ensure the quality, simplistic, and unique products for both parents and children. We have searched for products that reflect what simplified parenting should be. Back to the basics of raising a child essential to us: simplicity, naturality and wellbeing.

Our Values

Simple, Natural & Healthy Parenting Lifestyle


The Greatest Ideas Are The Simplest

In the struggles of parenting, what every parents and family seek is simplicity. We want to present our community with the simplest yet practical products to beat the hustles in parenting life.


Keeping things Natural

In pursue of the baby and the mother's natural behaviour, our products complement the naturality for the best experience. We design products that are healthy to use, especially resolving the pain points of sleeping in parenthood.


Holistic Wellbeing

We understand the challenges of parenting being parents ourselves first, especially the challenges faced by the mothers. We introduce a unique collection that focuses on mothers' wellbeing, designated to support maternity and postpartum recovery.