Getting the Lighting Right in the Nursery

FRAVITA Night Light Collection

We do not often see lighting products on the essential baby list. Yet, most new parents struggle with sleep regression, both parents and the baby. Although there are many different causes and solutions are discussed on the internet. Still, the lighting used during night and parenting time is often ignored. Using stimulative light (emits blue light) is likely to have a long-term impact, disturbing people's circadian rhythm.

Baby Night Light

FRAVITA's signature product, given 5-star feedback by more than 22,000 new parents worldwide. And the key reason is there is no other baby night light as convenient yet made with top-notch materials and design as this night light. Become the new baby essential in solving nighttime lighting challenges in multiple parenting scenarios.

Retail Price: US$35.65


Motion Activated Nursery Night Light

To light up with a warm infant-eye-friendly light source, without the need of finding the switch. This motion-activated night light is a must-have item to add. Comes with a 3M tape to mount the magnetic base to the wall (or any surfaces) and a 360° tilt angle. Also, it has a built-in 1200 mAh battery that lasts up to 90 days with one charge.

Retail Price: US$21.99


Origami Lantern Night Lamp

The amusement doesn't end with its look, but also vast functions supported by its ability to transform. Unique oriental origami lantern style adds a new spark as a fancy lighting decor. But by compressing the origami or adjusting the handle, you can turn it into a hand torch, table light, night lamp, spotlight, and a handheld lantern.

Retail Price: US$29.75


Cubic Timer Night Light

In parenting time with your baby in the early stage, you need to time your little one's feeding time in many cases (especially for swapping left and right breast for breastfeeding). This cubic timer light tells time with warm light. Sets 60/30/15/5 minute timer and turns off automatically when the time is up. No noise, no disturbance in the sleepy silent night.

Retail Price: US$20.50


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