Minding the Right Lighting at Night

The Perfect Bedside Co-Sleeper Setup with a Baby Night Light

A cleverly designed co-sleeper bassinet or crib goes viral. As stated by experts, co-sleeping with your baby in a bedside bassinet or crib has many advantages in taking good care of your baby. But new parents usually ignored an essential factor in the co-sleeping scenario, and that is, the proper lighting source during nighttime:

Baby Night Light Design for Newborn

This Night Light Changes Bedside Co-Sleeping

You would not be fussed trying to turn on your bedside lamp ever again. On the co-sleeper within arm’s reach, you can quickly access and simply flip-to-turn-on the night light, and you get a nice warm-yellow dim light to start caring for your little one. Without disrupting your baby and partner’s sleep quality.

The Perfect Night Light for Beside Co-Sleepers

Natural Warm Light
Would not disrupt melatonin, zero blue-light emission.

Light Up Smooth and Gradually
Giving time for your eye to adapt to night light.

Easy Flip-to-Turn On
Easy to use even when only half awaken. Your light will be ready when you flip it.

Take the night light where you want and compact it to put wherever needed.

Absolute Silence
No sound when using this light. No fussy and clicking buttons.

How to use FRAVITA Night Light with Bedside Co-Sleeper

Make sure the light was already turn-on. Put next to your pillow, on your baby’s bedside co-sleeper bassinet, or wherever convenient in its up-side-down position, this allows you to reach the light within seconds during the night.

World’s Easiest Baby Night Light

You can adjust the brightness and colourof the light by press and holding the soft surface, it goes from a very dimwarm yellow, to a very bright white, and you can set it to your preferenceanywhere in between the range. When the light is on, flipping it up-side-downwill put it in sleep mode (fully switch off after 5 hours of inactivity), andflipping it back up will have the light back on. The light is powered by abuilt-in rechargeable battery, and charges using an USB Type-C cable.

Nightlight - FRAVITA Handy Night Light -

What’s in the Box?

Size & Weight
· Body Size: Width 3.3 x Height 2.1 inches
· Weight: 4.2 oz

Power Supply & Consumption
· Power: 1W | Input: 5V==800mA
· Battery: Lithium-Ion | Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
· Charging Time: About 2.5 Hours
· Battery Duration: 3H – 100H (Dimmest – Brightest)
· Lumi EOUS Flux: 35lm at 4500K – 7lm at 2700K


Other Amazing Use of the Night Light