FRAVITA Handy Night Light

✅ The world's most convenient baby night light flip to turn on/off, save you the hassle of fumbling around at night while babysitting or looking for something nearby.
✅ The handy night light – cordless & no pesky buttons:  Palm-size; one press to turn on/off; long press to adjust the brightness; flip to hibernate; up to 80 hours of long-lasting illumination.

❖ Color: White
❖ Material: BPA-FREE silicone& ABS
❖ Weight: 4.2 oz
Size:  3.3 x 2.1 inches 
❖ Battery Duration: 3H-80H (Brightest-Dimmest)

Battery capacity: 1000mAh
❖Power: 1W
❖Input: 5V== 800mA
Charging time: 2.5 hours
❖Charger Type:  Type C
    Color: White

    Size & Weight
    Body size: Width 3.3 x Height 2.1 inches
    Weight: 4.2 oz

    Power Supply & Consumption
    Power: 1W
    Input: 5V== 800mA
    Battery: Lithium-ion battery
    Battery capacity: 1000mAh
    Charging time: About 2.5 hours
    Battery Duration: 3H-100H (Dimmest - Brightest Mode)
    Lumi EOUS flux: 35lm at 4500K - 7lm at 2700K

    Please do not throw the light or shake it violently to avoid damaging the sensory component inside the light because it would very likely damage the sensory component. Having a damaged sensory component will result in the light being unable to operate as it should be or become unable to be switched on again.

    Turning on & off the Night Light
    1) Turn on properly by pressing & holding the center spot of the light for 1 second. 
    2) Turn off properly by pressing the center spot three times. 
    3) Enter sleep mode by flipping the light upside down, and flip back up to exit sleep mode (the light will be turn off automatically after 4 hours of inactivity in sleep mode). 

    Adjusting the BrightnessThe Night Light has a wide range of brightness options.
    1) Ensure the night light is already turned on.
    2) Adjust the brightness and color tone by pressing and holding the center of the light. The brightness and color tone will begin to shift once you do so and release the press once it reaches your desired brightness and hue.
    3) To reverse the brightness and hue. Press and hold the center of the light again. 

    *NOTE: The Night Light remembers your brightness and hue preference. So you get the right kind of light you desire whenever you use the night light again.

    1) Do not disassemble, repair or modify this product without authorization.
    2) The nightlight MUST be used with the provided charging cable.
    3) Keep the nightlight away from water, fire and hot area.
    4) Suggest charging the Nightlight every week to ensure normal use.
    5) Don't use it alone with children. For addtional information, please refer to the user manual provided.

    Ratings and Reviews

    The World’s Easiest Baby Night Light

    no sketchy buttons

    Flip over to enter sleep mode;
    Press & Hold to adjust brightness

    Flicker-free Warm Light - Infant Eye Friendly

    The warm light won't hurt your baby's eyes; while the orange light will soothe your baby throughout night

    Handy & Rechargeable

    Palm-sized baby night light, 4.2oz only, with the built-in 1000mAh battery free you from the socket

    Choose your own brightness

    Lumen range: 2700k to 4500k

    Customize the non-stimulating natural light as you desire, which is enough to see what you're doing, but not wake up the room.

    Won't wake your baby, nor your partner

    100% safe toy-grade Material

    Silky smooth soft silicone finish with BPA free ABS, baby safe to play with