A Softer Infant-Eye Friendly Light to Use During Hospital Overnight Stay

The development of circadian rhythms begins early in pregnancy butis not fully established at birth. It is essential that parents use the properlighting at night starting from newborn to toddler stage - to not use brightlight (emitting blue light), but dim, warm light with 0% blue-light source.That's why many new moms recommend the FRAVITA night light in their hospitalbag, using the right light at night from the very beginning.

A New Baby Essential to Add to the Registry

Reasons Why New Parents Recommend this Night Light…

The world's most handy baby nightlight – flip-to-turn on and off, allows busy parents to use it with ease. Both brightness and light temperature (from dim-warm to bright-white) is adjustable with just one press. It is designed to be compact and wireless - holding it in your palm or putting it anywhere you need it is more convenient than ever.

Benefits of Packing Night Light in Your Hospital Bag

The Perfect Night Light for Overnight Stay

Relieved from Bright Light
A dim-warm eye-friendly light to use at an overnight stay

Simpler & Easier
Flip-to-turn light on/ off, press to adjust brightness and hue at once

Absolute Silence
No clicking sounds, absolute quiet when using this light at night

Wireless & Compact
Pack it in your hospital bag with ease. Also perfect for future travels and trips with your baby.

Using FRAVITA Night Light for Hospital Overnight Stay

Remember to charge your night light before you pack it into the hospital bag. The light will shine red when set and glow blue to indicate it is fully charged when you unplug the cable. During hospital overnight stay, make sure the light is turned on. Put it near you or wherever convenient in its up-side-down position – this allows you to reach the light within seconds during the night.

World’s Easiest Baby Night Light

You can adjust the brightness and color of the light by the press and holding the soft surface – it goes from a very dim warm yellow to a very bright white. You can set it to your preference anywhere in between the range. When the light is on, flipping it up-side-down will put it in sleep mode (entirely switch off after 5 hours of inactivity), and flipping it back up will have the light back on. The light is rechargeable and recharges using a USB Type-C cable (remember to pack the USB Type-C cable in the hospital bag, too!).

Nightlight - FRAVITA Handy Night Light -

What’s in the Box?

Size & Weight
· Body Size: Width 3.3 x Height 2.1 inches
· Weight: 4.2 oz

Power Supply & Consumption
· Power: 1W | Input: 5V==800mA
· Battery: Lithium-Ion | Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
· Charging Time: About 2.5 Hours
· Battery Duration: 3H – 100H (Dimmest – Brightest)
· Lumi EOUS Flux: 35lm at 4500K – 7lm at 2700K

Much more than just a night light...

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