FRAVITA White Noise Sound Machine

USD $29.98
How about something simple, compact, but has a Hi-Fi quality with six relaxing ambient soundtracks to soothe you and your baby to sleep at night? The Fravita White Noise Sound Machine is a rechargeable wireless sleep gadget you can bring or put anywhere you want it. It has a natural-warm night light feature great take to family trips.
Color: White

Size & Weight
Product Dimnesion:90*90*31mm

Power Supply & Consumption
Power: 3W
Input: DC5V=0.8A
Battery: Lithium Battery Powered
Battery Capacity: 1200 mAh
Charging Time: Around 1.5 Hours
Battery Duration: 15-30 Hours (with and without nightlight on)
Lumi EOUS Flux: 25lm at 2700-3100K

How to Power On/Off the Device
1) Tap the 'power button to turn on
2) Tap the 'power' button again to turn off

How to Power On/Off the Light

1) Tap the '*' light button to turn on
2) Tap the '*' light button again to turn off

How to Change the Volume

1) Press and hold the '+' button to turn up the volume
2) Press and hold the '-' button to turn down the volume

How to Change the Track

1) Press the '+' button quickly to turn to the next track
2) Press the '-' button quickly to turn to the previous track

How to Set Countdown Timer
1) Press the 'O' timer button to set the timer
2) Press the 'O' timer button repeatedly to loop till the LED light stops at your designated count downtime '15, 30 or 60.'


1) Do not disassemble, repair, or modify this product without authorization.
2) The product must be used with the provided charging cable.
3) Keep the product away from water, fire, and hot area.
4) Suggest charging the product every week to maintain battery life.
5) Don't use it alone with children.

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Compact & Travel Friendly

Weighs only 13 ounces, 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.2" in size, and easily powered by USB. It is perfect for taking to your trips if you plan to take your baby to travel, and his/her favourite lullaby follows.