FRAVITA Baby Sleep Pack-Special Bundle

$39.38 $65.63
Color: White
FRAVITA Baby Night Light
Enclosure made with soft silicone and ABS materials, BPA-free and flicker-free, best for night feeding and diaper changing. It is bright enough for night nursing, and dim enough that can ease the baby's tension and let them feel safe.
World’s Easiest Baby Night Light
Flip over to enter sleep mode - no sketchy buttons
With just a simple press - adjust both brightness & color tone.
easiest nightlight
Non-Stimulating Warm Light - Infant Eye Friendly
Sunset warm light - perfect for nighttime baby care
Soothe baby throughout the night on dim brightness.
nightlight for baby sleep
FRAVITA White Noise Sound Machine
Six Hi-Fi Soothing Sound Collection Choices
Mask unwanted noises with a relaxing sound spa when you choose from 6 different sound collections – including rain, ocean waves, heartbeat, forest, windmill, and white noise.
6 natural sound machine
Easy-to-Use with Auto-Off Timer
Simplified button design with an auto-off timer (30, 60, or infinite) turns off after the period you set. It memorizes the last sound and volume for the next time of use.
white noise opperation


Size & Weight

Body size: Width 3.3 x Height 2.1 inches 

Weight: 4.2 oz

Power Supply & Consumption 

Power: 1W

Input: 5V== 800mA 

Battery: Lithium-ion battery 

Battery capacity: 1000mAh 

Charging time: About 2.5 hours 

Battery Duration: 3H-100H (Dimmest - Brightest Mode) 

Lumi EOUS flux: 35lm at 4500K - 7lm at 2700K


Size & Weight


Product Dimnesion:




Power Supply & Consumption







 Lithium Battery Powered

Battery Capacity:

 1200 mAh

Charging Time:

 Around 1.5 Hours

Battery Duration:

 15-30 Hours (with and without nightlight on)

Lumi EOUS Flux:

 25lm at 2700-3100K


1) Do not disassemble, repair or modify this product without authorization.
2) The nightlight MUST be used with the provided charging cable.
3) Keep the nightlight away from water, fire and hot area.
4) Suggest charging the Nightlight every week to ensure normal use.
5) Don't use it alone with children. For addtional information, please refer to the user manual provided.

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