FRAVITA Nursery Warm Light Cube Timer

Color: White

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Time Your Feeding Time

Counting feeding time is essential to know if your baby is sipping too fast. A newborn feeds an average of 30 minutes per feeding session. If you are breastfeeding, it should be 15 minutes per side. Once 3 months+ they feed in no less than 5 minutes. The 60 minutes for late-night baby care, so you do not leave the night light on too long or forgets to turn it off.

Why a Warm-Light Timer?

The most accurate timer is by looking at a digital clock to time. But this timer is designed for night use thru a warm light to get the sense of timing during late-night feeding. Most importantly, no alarm or sharp light stimulates the sleepy eyes of both parents and the baby.

Works on All Cabinets

Our innovative baby safety locks fit any cabinets and drawers. Make a hassle-free decision now if you are looking for a solution to lock cabinets and drawers without the appearance of messy, ugly locks.

Durable and Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Built-in 1200 MAh battery allows durable use without the need to recharge soon. Each recharge takes approximately 3-4 hours using a standard micro-USB plug.